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SUMIDO offers Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) and painting (Sumie) workshops for schools, community organisations and corporate groups for cultural events. We can work with you to create a program to meet your needs. We offer anything from 30 mins to whole day introductory experience workshops anywhere in Australia.

In the workshop, you will prepare your own ink then learn to make and use different ink tones and brush techniques to create traditional Japanese calligraphy and painting on Washi paper made from mulberry tree.

With Shodo, you will learn various brush techniques, calligraphy styles, stroke order and balance of Japanese characters as well as the history of calligraphy and the meaning of Japanese characters so you don't need to know any Japanese to begin.

With Sumie, you will learn to feel and capture the meaning of objects from nature with your interpretation then you will express the objects variously with brush pressure, rhythm, tones and confidence in your strokes. You'll not only learn brush techniques but also experience the whole process of the art and understand yourself through your own work.

Upcoming workshops in public

Living and Learning Centre Nillumbik (Shodo and Sumie)

739 Main Road, Eltham, VIC

10 March 2018, Saturday, 10am - 1pm (beginners) full booked
24 March 2018, Saturday, 10am - 1pm (ongoing) full booked
21 April 2018, Saturday, 10am - 1pm (beginners)
19 May 2018, Saturday, 10am - 1pm (ongoing) full booked
23 June 2018, Saturday, 10am - 1pm (ongoing) full booked

More details and booking:
(03) 9433 3744

Princes Hill Community Centre (Shodo and Sumie)

Rear 270 Macpherson Street Princes Hill, VIC

17 March 2018, Saturday, 1pm - 4pm

More details and booking:
(03) 9387 7740

National Gallery of Victoria (Sumie)

180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC Australia

9 September 2017, Saturday, 10am - 1pm full booked
9 September 2017, Saturday, 2pm - 5pm full booked

Melbourne Reiki Centre (Meditation, Shodo and Ikenbana)

This is a special workshop being held over 2 days where we will explore the elements of nature, earth water fire air and space through the lens of Meditation, Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arranging)

412 Whitehorse Road, Surrey Hills, 3127

25 Nov 2017, Saturday, 9:30am - 4:30pm
9 Dec 2017, Saturday, 9:30am - 4:30pm

More details and booking:
(03) 9818 2030

Serial Skillers (shodo and sumie)

Memphis Gardens Studios
37-39 Yarra Street. Abbotsford, VIC, Australia

15 April 2018, Sunday, 1pm - 4pm

More details and booking:

KAMI (Sumie)

217 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC Australia

28 April 2018, Saturday, 10am - 12pm
26 May 2018, Saturday, 10am - 12pm

More details and booking:
(03) 9433 3744

Box Hill Community Arts Centre (Sumie)

470 Station Street, Box Hill, VIC

12 May 2018, Saturday, 10am - 12pm
12 May 2018, Saturday, 12:30pm - 2:30pm

More details and booking:
(03) 9895 8833

Recent invited workshops

Natinal Gallery of Victoria, Australia.
Arts Inspire, Melbourne.
Nunawading Christian College, Melbourne.
Geelong Grammar School, Melbourne.
Convenant College, Melbourne.
Strathcona Girls Grammar School, Melbourne.
Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne.
Williamstown North Primary School, Melbourne.
Victoria University, Melbourne.
SEABUZZ Restaurant, Melbourne.
Cheltenham Primary School, VIC.
Kingswood College, VIC.
North Ringwood Community House, VIC.
Essendon Keilor College, VIC.
Chisholm Institute, Melbourne.
International Conference In Health Care, Melbourne.
Lion Nathan Conference, Crown Casino, Melbourne.
Art Education Victoria Conference, Melbourne.
No Vacancy, Melbourne.
Peer Gallery, Sydney.
Boroondara Park Primary School, Melbourne.
St Anne's Primary school, Melbourne.
Solway Primary School, Melbourne.
Haileybury College, Melbourne.
Melton Secondary College, VIC.
Kilvington Girls' Grammar School, Melbourne.
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Melbourne.
Simonds Catholic College, Melbourne.
Made In Japan, Melbourne.
Orchard Grove Primary School, Melbourne.
Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Melbourne.
The Centre Connecting Community, Melbourne.
Templestowe Park Primary School.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School.
RMIT University, Melbourne.
Mount Waverley Secondary College, Melbourne.
Ikebana International, Melbourne.
Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne.
St Columba's College, Melbourne.
Xavier College, Melbourne.

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